Stay awhile and listen

This is private Diablo I dedicated style server. It supports GOG newest relase and the old one from Blizzard and is both compatible with v1.09 and v1.09b patches. It is the most popular place to play the game with fastest growing community.

How to connect to the server

Server is hosted on ZeroTier One network so you have to download it first. After you are done with installing, start the program and icon tray will appear in your right corner. Right click on it and press "Join Network" then type this ID in your text box 17d709436c4d0f3d . When you are done with that run one of these registry files, what it does it changes gateways in your game. This one is for GOG, and this one is for old Blizzard relase. And that should be it, start the game press "Multi Player" and choose "" as the way to connecting to it. If you have any issues message us on our Discord servers.

Diablo Torch, quality of life mod

This mod allows players to have up to 30 stash tabs in the game so you dont have to stash items in your character anymore, also this feature allows you to transfer items between characters werry easy. There are also features like highlighting items on the ground when holding 'Alt' key, player experience bar, item values, monster health bar, health bar of the players that co-op with you and so on.

Stash with 30 stash tabs, can be renamed with unique name.

Teamates character information with moster healthbars

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